Be inventive. It’ll do your career site good.

by Monica Lukas

CaptureI happened upon a career site this week that reaches out to potential candidates and clients in a fun and exciting way. So I thought I’d share. is an excellent example of how great design, along with messaging that honestly communicates your workplace culture, can make your career site an attractive destination for the right job seekers.

This site has a lot going for it, but today, I’ll focus on just one thing—how Odopod conveys its cool workplace culture through a process of “show and tell” that uses clean page design, bold color, smart headlines, and rich content delivered in a fun way.

Odopod’s career section home page starts by simply announcing, “We’re Odopod, a digital agency.” (No question about who they are or what they do.) As you scroll down the page, you’ll find the following basic company information—delivered with a lot of Odopod personality: (more…)

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The Insider’s View: Rick Badgley of Starbucks offers his view of the candidate experience

by Matthew Adam

Welcome to the very first edition of a new series called “The Insider’s View.” On a quarterly basis, I’ll be posting interviews with top talent acquisition leaders from all over North America.

I’ve selected these leaders because they display a dedication to delivering best-in-class candidate experiences, as well as an ongoing commitment to their craft. I have found their leadership and perspectives to be both enlightening and inspirational. I hope you will too.

RickBadgleyThe only thing I ask of contributors is that they share their perspectives as if we’re having a simple one-on-one conversation—be honest and give real answers absent of any unnecessary buzzwords or fluff.

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce my first guest, Rick Badgley, Vice President of Global Staffing at Starbucks®. He lives and works in Seattle, Washington, and was kind enough to share some valuable insights from an award-winning organization.



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Optimizing your job postings really works—the proof is in results

by Larry Engel

iS_11274582XSmallToday, almost all companies use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to help handle the large volume of candidate applications they receive. The primary purpose of the ATS is to serve up the company’s current open positions to job seekers and allow them to apply for positions, upload resumes and cover letters, and create profiles.

The problem with most ATS systems is that they are designed to serve only as an “internal” database, providing candidate data management functionality to human resources. They are not intended to help extend your employment brand, promote job openings, or attract more qualified and right-fit talent.

In fact, the jobs in your ATS may not be seen at all by any of the job seekers who perform the estimated five million job searches every day* using Google or another search engine. But you can do something to change that using some simple Search Engine Optimization techniques that you can do yourself! (more…)

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Employee Wellness You Can Really Put Your Heart Into

by Stephanie Hartman

iStock_000018215141XSmallEmployee wellness programs can improve productivity and morale, reduce absenteeism and turnover, and even lower healthcare costs. In nearly every way, healthier employees actually are happier employees—with happier employers. And wellness programs are win-win situations that can pay for themselves if effectively implemented and appropriately supported.

If employee wellness is important to your organization, now is a great time to start encouraging your team to get healthy—and heart health is a great place to start.

After all, February is American Heart Month.

Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of illness and death among men and women in the United States? There are several risk factors for heart disease, including age, gender, family history, smoking, elevated LDL cholesterol, high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes, and obesity. You and your employees can help reduce your risk by adopting some physician-recommended changes in nutrition and lifestyle. (more…)

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Servicize Me: 7 things you can do to turn your dull job posting into a rich candidate experience and attract the talent you really want

iS_6687554XSmallBy Teresa Fausey

For years now, business and marketing experts have been telling companies to servicize their products. The basic idea being this: learn to see your product in terms of service and then, sell that service. Why? Because product sales are one-time hit-or-miss events, but service builds relationships and loyalty and creates a level of stable profitability you can’t achieve through individual product sales.

Of course you’re asking, “What does this have to do with recruitment?”

Well, suppose you could reap similar benefits by enhancing your candidate experience—by servicizing your open positions. Jobs are the products you offer and job seekers are your customers. Instead of simply putting a job on a “virtual shelf” where random job shoppers might, or might not, pick it up, why not servicize your job offerings by doing the following: (more…)

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Storytelling and the Candidate Experience

by Kathie Sandlin

stone path to the horizonThis weekend, I finally sat down to watch the film version of the best-selling novel, The Time Traveler’s Wife. What a great book! It literally takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride, weaving its magic as our hero zaps in and out of time to seek out the woman he loves. I was excited to see how such an enchanting tale would play out on the screen!

Within ten minutes, I had already turned it off.

In the screenwriter’s attempt to establish that we were, indeed, following someone who could travel through time, he put the end…at the beginning. He could have written “spoiler alert” into the script! There was no longer any story to process. No mystery or magic. No emotional rollercoaster to ride.

There was a “break” in the experience. I no longer cared enough to see it through.

What does this have to do with recruitment? (more…)

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Is your job application and interview process driving away the best talent?

by Teresa Fausey

iS_16185703XSmallIt could be said that in the current economic climate, with unemployment hovering around 7.8%, it’s surely an employer’s market. Many people are indeed trying desperately to find jobs and they will jump through any hoops to get them. They will navigate any ATS system, spend an hour filling out a single application, show up for multiple interviews, and wait anxiously by the phone for weeks.

Then again, many of the most talented professionals—those most in demand—won’t.

If your company’s application takes an hour to complete, many job seekers will simply leave your ATS and move on to another employer’s site. If they are left hanging without so much as a “next step” or “No, thanks” email, top candidates will be three weeks into the onboarding process at another company when you finally call. If they don’t feel they matter to your company during the application and interview process, those passionate high achievers will likely take their talents somewhere else.


There are things you can do to improve your odds of connecting with and landing more top performers. Here are just a few:


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