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Your Year-End Employment Brand Checklist: 6 steps you should take now to connect with candidates in 2013

by Charles Kapec

Your employment brand is constantly evolving. But sometimes even top HR professionals can get so caught up in day-to-day activities that they don’t notice how their company’s employment brand has changed. As we reach the end of the year, now is a good time to take stock and review your current employment brand so you can start 2013 with a brand and messaging that more accurately reflect who you are as an employer. Here are six things you can do to see where you stand as you head into a new year:

  1. Check the pulse of your employment brand.

Stop and take a reality check. Is the way you present your organization to candidates true and compelling? Has anything changed substantially within your company this year that would affect your employment brand? Has your organization’s marketing been updated? You can also survey both employees and external candidates to find out whether there is a gap between how you are perceived and the message you are sending. (more…)

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Is diversity an important part of your employment brand?

Monica Lukas Diversity Illustration

© M.Lukas/NAS

Every recruitment professional today realizes that diversity is crucial to the long-term success of their company. However, many organizations are still working on getting that commitment from the top, or they have not yet built the programs to support their goals. Your employment brand is the perfect place to call attention to your policies and efforts towards inclusion, no matter where you are on the diversity continuum:


Almost every company today has a diversity statement. While it is certainly positive to let candidates know that diversity is on your radar and you are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse environment, these statements can end up reading as boilerplate information. (more…)

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What the Kardashians Can Teach Us About Employment Branding

I want to state upfront that I have never watched an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians or any of its spinoffs or related sex tapes. Yet, I seem to know everything about Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and everyone else in their family. How is this possible? It’s because they are branding geniuses. And yes, they have some valuable lessons to teach us about employment branding. (more…)

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Recruitment Advertising in the Mad Men Era

One of the most fascinating aspects of Mad Men, which just started a new season, is the way that it uses advertising to mirror the social mores of the time in which it is set. It’s fun to see the work that the characters create and measure it against our own attitudes.

Athough I am often referred to as the Don Draper of recruitment advertising, I was just a toddler in the 1960s. However, NAS Recruitment Communications has been in business for 63 years, and I’ve dug into our archives to find some examples of what were known as help-wanted ads. Keep in mind that the newspaper was the only game in town for recruiting — and the world was very different.

This ad reflects the reality of the workforce for certain professional positions at that time, as the headline refers to the “young engineer with his eyes on management.” The photo shows four white males in their black suits and skinny ties. As we all know, a photograph of engineering professionals in a recruitment ad today would look very different. (more…)

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Lessons in employment branding…from True Blood???

You may think that watching True Blood could not possibly teach us anything about recruitment communications – and you would be wrong! If you look hard enough, our favorite characters from Bon Temps, Louisiana offer lessons that we can take to heart (or not, if you are a vampire).

Read minds, like Sookie Stackhouse.
Okay, maybe you don’t have her telepathic powers, but you still need to get inside the minds of your candidates in order to determine what they are looking for and how they view your company. Use proven brand discovery methods, including focus groups, surveys and open forum discussions, to uncover and shape your employment brand promise.

Avoid shapeshifting, like Sam Merlotte.
First he’s human, then a collie, next a bird. Who is this guy? Don’t let your employment brand go wild, either. You need to maintain a consistent approach across all internal and external messaging channels so that candidates can recognize – and eventually identify – with you. Remember, it takes many impressions for a brand to truly sink in (no pun intended).


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Call the employment brand police.

You’ve finally launched an employment brand. You’ve got a great strategy to communicate to candidates. You are using the brand to re-recruit your employees. What could go wrong now?

Quite a bit, if you do not keep a close watch over your brand, who is using it and how they are implementing it. The more people within your organization who have a regular need to communicate with candidates and employees, the more chances there are of “rogue” messages that don’t fit with your employment brand strategy.


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What’s wrong with this picture?

When developing the visual side of an employment brand, photo choice is very important. You need images that truthfully capture your organization.

The best solution? Commission a photographer who can build a bank of professional photos that truly represent your workforce.


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