Beyond the ABCs of Campus Recruitment

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By Jason Rellick

It’s that time again. And your organization is ready for campus recruitment…sort of. You have the basics down pat. You’ve already selected and built relationships with schools that produce the type of students that meet your organization’s talent needs. You did it by considering each school’s curriculum, location and demographics, as well as considered graduation dates. You have a strong relationship with your tier-1 schools’ career services and a good understanding of the options available for getting in front of students at these schools. You’ve done your homework, so to speak. But as important as these efforts are, are they enough to give you an edge over your competition for top talent?

Probably not.

If you want to beat your competitors and win this year’s war for the best talent, you’ll need to go beyond the ABCs of campus recruitment. And here are two powerful ways to do it… 

Campus Career Site

Create a dedicated area within your organization’s career site, or create a separate micro site, that contains content that speaks specifically to your campus audience. Below is a list of some of the most important elements to include in your campus career site:

  • Audience-specific Content: Being hired as a professional or seasoned employee rather than as an intern or new grad can be a very different experience. The information on your campus career site should be specific to that unique audience and include information about your organization’s internships; your interviewing, hiring, onboarding and training processes; and upcoming hiring events.
  • Include Employee Testimonials: Ask current employees, who were hired through your campus recruitment process, to tell their stories. Both video and written versions can be effective and campus candidates want to hear what your recent hires have to say.
  • Event Calendar: Include an event calendar as part of your campus career site. It will provide your campus audience with important information and help keep your internal team organized.
  • Campus Talent Community: Create a talent community that will allow students, who are interested in your organization, the chance to connect with it. In exchange for providing you with basic contact information, potential candidates receive news about your organization, hiring events and new job openings. The students show you they’re really interested in a future with your company…and you collect important candidate information that will help you track and pipeline great talent. It’s a win-win proposition.

Mobile Campus Career Site

All things digital, online and now, mobile, are second nature to today’s college-age job seeker. Nowhere is that more evident than with the continued growth and popularity of smartphone technology. The chances are excellent that the campus candidates you want to reach will have a smartphone—in fact, it will be their lifeline to every part of their lives, including the job search—so why not communicate with candidates where they’re most comfortable? Your mobile career site enables candidates to:

  • Instantly Connect with You: Candidates can use their smartphones—their preferred channel for online activity—to find out about your organization and the careers you offer. Your mobile career site will provide job seekers with easy navigation through fewer pages and less copy that’s focused on only the most important information.
  • Return Later to Learn More: Unlike expensive brochures that may be lost or discarded, your mobile career site provides candidates with easy access to the information they care about and the ability to return later to take another look at your organization. Plus, going mobile is a much greener approach—using less paper and fewer resources, which can be top of mind for today’s candidate.
  • Use the Same or Similar Functionality:The same or similar tools that candidates use on your main campus career site can be incorporated into your mobile site. With quality mobile technology, candidates will be able to join your campus talent community from their mobile phones and receive information about your organization.

To develop your campus career and mobile sites, start by talking to your marketing and IT teams about their capabilities and available bandwidth—two crucial considerations that will arise during development. Organizations like NAS Recruitment Communications can work with your team to design and develop your career site and mobile career site, and incorporate powerful recruitment tools, such as a talent network, event management calendar and more. Learn more about the campus recruitment strategies, products and services NAS Recruitment Communications offers by clicking here.

As the Director of NAS Recruitment Communications over the Pennsylvania and West Virginia region, with a diverse client roster that includes organizations of all sizes and in all industries, Jason Rellick continues to guide his team in the development of customized, cutting-edge solutions that deliver talent with maximum ROI. Jason has been in the recruitment industry for almost 10 years and has held positions such as Director and Vice President, as well as CEO of organizations with responsibility for sourcing, media, branding and interactive strategies. Holding a Master’s degree in industrial and labor relations from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor’s degree from The University of Pittsburgh, Jason is also a member of the Pittsburgh Human Resource Association.

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