’Tis the Season for Fall Recruiting

August 8, 2012 at 3:08 pm Leave a comment

by Stephanie Hartman

That’s right. It’s time to gear up and head for campus if you expect to have a chance at recruiting the most talented students.

But are you ready?

Dressing up your booth for campus recruiting events is a lot like decorating for the holidays. Your goal is to make your space sparkle and create a buzz, so paying attention to detail is important. You not only want to offer students cool giveaways that show off your employment brand. You also want to create an exciting event space that will attract top talent and maximize your marketing exposure.

So, what element could you add to your space that would tie your whole thing together, brand it and turn it into a real attention getter?

A branded table throw of course. It’s a great way to make sure your company’s booth will make an excellent first impression—which is so important when you’re competing for top talent. Our custom table throws will add a professional touch to your event space and impress both potential candidates and competitors. And these valuable marketing tools are washable, so you can use them again and again.

At NAS PRIDE, we understand the importance of helping our clients stay ahead of the game when it comes to maximizing brand exposure at campus recruiting events. Add branded table throws to your space décor and stock up on branded giveaways. Then you’ll really be ready for fall recruiting.

Give me a call at 216-468-8168, or contact your NAS account manager, and let NAS PRIDE help you create an exciting event space that will have everyone talking.

Click here to check out our branded table throw—this month’s featured item.

Stephanie Hartman is the Account Executive for the Premium Recognition Incentive Division
for Employees (PRIDE).  She has been working to provide unique, innovative and effective
promotional products for NAS Clients since 2001. You can contact her at

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