How to prepare the perfect employment brand (Thanksgiving edition)

November 22, 2011 at 3:39 pm 1 comment

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, I thought it would be timely to consider the many ways in which the employment branding process is similar to the traditions we take part in for this enjoyable holiday. Here are your steps to create a truly memorable experience.

Get the right ingredients.

Start by determining what you want your employment brand to communicate to candidates. This is your time to do targeted discovery, including focus groups and surveys with employees, so that you know what you have to market. It’s also about planning – making sure you know how you are going to assemble, prepare, cook and deliver the great meal that is your employment proposition.

Cook the bird.

Here’s a crucial step – taking everything that you’ve learned and turning it into a juicy, succulent employment brand, one that will cause your candidates mouths to water. Once you understand your employment value proposition, you must come up with the big idea that communicates it best. (Cooking hint: partnering with a top creative shop like NAS can help you get it just right.)

Prepare the sides.

Serving a turkey by itself is not going to fly. Similarly, you will have many needs and components to your employment communications program that must enhance and complement the main messaging. Make sure your brand can accommodate “side dishes” such as specific job families, as well as important initiatives like campus and diversity recruiting.

Set the table.

The success of an employment brand can depend on how well you have prepared for its implementation. Do you have management support? Have you educated your recruiters and employees on what your organization stands for as an employer? Have you committed the budget you need to rework your career site and marketing materials to showcase the brand? If not, you’re serving a meal without plates, glasses or silverware.

Serve it up hot.

Now it’s time to serve your employment brand to your candidates. That means creating a marketing plan that reaches them where they are (online, social sites, mobile) and supplementing with targeted print, collateral and broadcast media. The better your plan, the more candidates you’ll bring to the table.

Enjoy the company.

It’s always important to keep reminding yourself why you are putting your company through the employment branding process – it’s all about the people you are bringing to the table. You’ll want to treat them right, by streamlining your application process, establishing a talent network and communicating with them throughout the process.

So, there you have it. Here’s wishing everyone the perfect employment branding experience and a great Thanksgiving!

Charles Kapec – Senior Creative Strategist

Charles Kapec is a Senior Creative Strategist at NAS Recruitment Communications. With the agency since 1993, he partners with clients to develop employment brands and to provide a wide range of creative solutions.

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